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Florida information

Floridians just wanna have fun!

…and you just know that whatever Floridians do, they do so with that special Florida flourish!

Don't believe us? Just check out what the international guide book series Lonely Planet has to say about the Sunshine State:

One thing you'll never catch Florida doing is taking itself too seriously: it's too busy basking in its nearly year-round sunshine. It's weird, delightful, wacky, wonderful…
But beyond the giddy delights of manmade attractions are natural wonders scattered about the state. Not just a smattering here and there, but a near constant barrage of beaches, springs and forests. Florida boasts a ridiculous amount of shoreline, and you're never more than 60 miles away from the beach.

Does that sound like your ideal vacation destination? Florida has more than its fair share of natural attractions and you'll be sure to be wowed by the coral, framed gloriously by the crystal-clear waters of the Florida Keys, or impressed by the Everglades, famed as not only the place to see an alligator or two, but also as the largest persevered area of subtropical wilderness in the United States of America. Florida grants you an experience that's totally wild!

If you're into more of a civilized scene or the wonders of people-watching, then perhaps Fort Lauderdale or Miami Beach is for you. If it's a state of bliss that you seek in your holiday – then you'll find it in the State of Florida.

However, for holidaymakers throughout the United States, there is always a point of contention, an age-old debate if you will, and that's whether to hit the beaches in the southeast, or to go to the West Coast. Of course California has a lot on offer, and much of it is pretty special, but when it comes down to the decision between the two, then Florida would have to take the cake. Ideally, if you could dedicate the time to explore both in a cross-country road trip, then you'd be onto an all-round winner, but the constraints of time, money, and career mean that this isn't always feasible for many individuals and families. By visiting Florida however, you'll be able to get whatever you'd find at those San Francisco hotels or Los Angeles hotels, but with all the difference of a mile-long Florida smile!

If you're travelling with children, the choice could be simplified as a pick between Disneyland or Disney World – it's a tough one, but just keep in mind that there's strength in numbers, and the Magic Kingdom is now the world's most visited amusement park, making it not only the 'most magical place on earth', but also the largest and most popular recreational facility too!

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