Welborn, Suwannee County, Florida

A photo essay on  the process of having headstones
reset and cleaned.

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These are the wonderful young men from "Charles Custom Memorials"  who tackled this project.   
Matt Philpot (left) and Justin Thomas (right).

I highly recommend Charles Custom Memorials for grave markers as well as cleaning and repair of headstones for work that needs to be done in that area of Florida.



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As you can see in this photo, the black square on the ground is the headstone of Wiley Josephus Faulkner, which had fallen off it's base in some years past.  Matt is preparing the base so as to reset the stone.



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This is another BEFORE  picture which shows years and years of dirt. William Edgar Faulkner was buried here in 1918.


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AFTER PICTURE! Isn't this amazing!
Some of these headstones are a beautiful snow white marble.


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Those headstones are so heavy I thought it would take a truck to pull them back up, but Matt and Justin made it look so easy. Well...    not too easy.


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