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Suzanne Reynolds-Brady President 2019-2020

Suzanne Reynolds-Brady
PRESIDENT 2018 ~ 2020

Proud descendent of
Isaiah Spring Beck

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  • The objectives of the United Daughters of the Confederacy are historical, educational, benevolent memorial, and patriotic;

  • To honor and preserve the memory of those who served and those who fell in service of the Confederate States;

  • To collect and preserve the material for a truthful history of the War Between the States;

  • To record the part taken by Southern women in patient endurance of hardship and patriotic devotion during the reconstruction of the South;

  • To fulfill the sacred duty of benevolence towards the survivors and those dependent on them;

  • To assist descendents of worthy Confederates in securing proper education and to cherish the ties of friendship among the members organization;

  • To promote in the public schools of this state, the teachings of true history, without partiality or prejudice for or against any section.

How to Become a Member
Those eligible for active membership are - women no less than sixteen years of age who are blood descendants, lineal or collateral, of men and women who served honorably in the Army, Navy or Civil Service of the Confederate States of America, or gave material aid to the Cause. Also eligible are those women who are lineal or collateral blood descendants of members or former members of UDC.
Proof of eligibility - Proof of ancestor service to the Confederate States of America may be obtained, if available, upon request from one of the following sources: UDC Business Office, From records of military service compiled from registered UDC applications and National Archives Compiled Confederate Service Records, upon request of UDC Chapter Registrar and payment of research fee. Pension records are limited (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, and South Carolina) State Departments of Archives and History, Confederate Records, if certified. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20408.
An Authoritative Publication: Photocopy of title page, name of author, volume, page number, year of publication, location of library. Provide certified copy of pertinent data relating to Confederate ancestor only.
Data from tombstone: Name of cemetery and location, please certify as to authenticity. Enclose photograph if possible. Proof of applicant's relation to Confederate Ancestor. (birth, marriage and death certificates, where applicable).


Mattie T. Wright
February 14, 1898 -  April 13, 1995 

    Real Daughter
Our namesake, Mattie Turkette Wilson Wright, was the daughter of 
Confederate Veteran, William A. Turkette and Lula Eleanor Priest 
of Citronelle, Florida. She was among the first to become a member 
of the General Real Daughter's Club and was one of the organizers 
of the Florida Division's Real Daughters Club, serving as its President
  for a number of years. Mattie held membership in the former 
Alexander H. Stevens Chapter 1871 from 1959 until 1992. At this 
time she became a member of the Mattie T. Wright Chapter 2533 
which had been named after her. She held many offices on both Chapter 
and Division levels as well as General. She served as Division Organizer 
of new Chapters and Division Registrar.


In Memoriam
November 14, 1933 ~ December 21, 2016

Honorary President Florida Division 2008
Juanita P. Dixon






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Col. Wyatt Abbitt
Joseph Elothia Acosta, 8th Regiment, Florida Infantry
Elias Brown; 45th Reg. Georgia, 1st Battalion Georgia Sharp Shooters
K. B. Drew, Company K, 2nd Florida Cavalry
Fielden L. Hales,29th signer of Secession papers of Virginia
Thomas W. Hart,  2nd Lt., Co. B, 5th Florida Infantry; Captured at Harper's Farm; Prisoner of War, Johnson Island, Ohio
Nathaniel Greene Renfroe, Co. C, 7th Regiment, Florida Infantry
Arnold Whitaker, Co. E, 53rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
Madison Tucker, Co. G, 2nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
Thomas Hodge Hightower, Tennessee, Artilleryman, Captain Lynch's Company
James Jackson Pynes, Corporal, Co. H, 18th Regiment, Brown's Rebels, Mississippi
Samuel Robinette, Virginia
Willis William Sibley, 2nd Louisiana Cavalry
Archie Smith, Pvt., 37th Alabama Infantry, Co. E, Wounded in the Battle of New Hope Church
Nelson Watford
John Waltus, 49th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry
Wiley G. McDowell, 12th Regiment, Alabama Calvary
Alexander Stuckey, 6th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
James Moorehead Rixley, 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry
Hugh Neisler Mitchell, 9th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
James Patrick Gleaton, 1st Regiment, South Carolina Infantry
Nathaniel Washington Home, 13th Regiment, Infantry
James Zachariah McChesney, 14th Regiment, Virginia Calvary
Samuel James Ellis, 14th Volunteer Regiment, Florida Infantry
James S. Harris, 49th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
Jacob Walker, 44th Regiment, Alabama Infantry
James Miller Shine, 11th Regiment, Florida Infantry
Spencer Lewis Houston, CSS Agnes E. Fry, CSN
John J. Nettles, 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry

Daniel Bird Herring, Co. I, 3rd Florida Infantry
George Washington Herring, Home Guard, Welborn, Florida
Henry Hamilton Herring, Co. H, 1st Florida Cavalry
John Wesley Herring, Co. A, 1st Florida Cavalry
Robert Asberry Herring, Co. H, 9th Georgia Infantry
William Wooday Herring, Co. I, 3rd Florida Infantry 
James Alexander Plummer, Capt J. A. Pacetti’s Co 8th Infantry, Florida
Simeon Plummer, Co. A, 1st Infantry, Florida
Skirving Price, ASST. SURG., 38th Infantry Regiment, Georgia
William S. Price, Capt Brook’s Co, Terrell Light Artillery, Georgia

William Hearl West, Co. A, 10th Regiment South Carolina Infantry Volunteers 
John Fitzhugh Lay, Co. E., 4th Virginia Calvary, C.S.A