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Queen's Harbour Yacht & Country Club
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10:30 A. M.
Luncheon cost - $20.00

General Historical Programs Through August 2019


Robert E. Lee, A Christian and a Gentleman 

Clouds of Glory: The Life and Legend of Robert E. Lee, Michael Korda, HarperCollins Publishers, 2013

The Perfect Gentleman, Bernice-Marie Yates, Xulon Press, 2003

R. E. Lee, A Biography, Douglas S. Freeman, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1934

The Character & Faith of Robert E. Lee: In His Own Words, Robert E. Stegar, 2002

Robert E. Lee the Christian, William J. Johnson, 1993

Lee, The American, Gamaliel Bradford, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1929

The Soul of Lee, Randol H. McKim, 1918

The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Robert E. Lee, Robert R. Brown, White Main Books, 1998



Elizabeth Avery Meriwether, Banned by Sherman

Recollections of 92 Years, Elizabeth Avery Meriwether

Middle TN Society Transformed, Stephen V. Ash

Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era, James McPherson

Civil War Women, Elizabeth Meriwether


MARCH 2019

Final Farewell to the Daughter of the Confederacy

Winnie Davis, Daughter of the Lost Cause, Heath Hardage Lee, 2014

United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine, Vol LVII, number 8, Pg. 4, Sept. 1994

The Daughter of the Confederacy – Her Life, Character and writings, Chiles Clifton Ferrell Mississippi Historical Society


APRIL 2019

Leaving Richmond for Danville, the Last Capital of the Confederacy

Richmond Burning, The Last Days of the Confederate Capital, Nelson D Lankford

Civil War Wives: The Lives and Times of Angelina Grinke Weld, Varina Howell Davis and Julia Dent Grant, Carol Berkin

A Diary from Dixie, Mary Boykin Chesnut, edited by Ben Ames Williams

James McPherson, Battle Cry for Freedom:  The Civil War Era

Ashes of Glory, Richmond at War, Ernest B. Furgurson


MAY 2019

David O. Dodd, A Young Boy Remembered

Letters of David O. Dodd with Biographical Sketch, Dallas T. Herndon, Dallas T.

Boy Hero of the Confederacy: The Life, Legend and Execution of David Owen Dodd. Springfield, MO, Jim Lair, 2001

History? Legend? Symbol? – The Story of David O. Dodd, Phillip H. McMath, 1961

David O. Dodd, Ark-La-Tex Research Center, Vertical Files

The Long, Long Thoughts of Youth: The Story of David Owen Dodd, Marie Erwin Ward, Arkansas Democrat Sunday Magazine. November 9, 1958


JUNE 2019

Arlington National Cemetery and Confederate Memorial, Where Confederates Rest

Moses Ezekiel, Civil War Soldier, Renowned Sculptor, Stan Cohen and Keith Gibson

Virginia Military Institute, Keith Gibson

To Reclaim Confederate Graves in the Old Arlington Grounds, Mary Wright Johnson, Washington Post, Jan, 14, 1906

Tribute to the Gray, Washington Post, June 12, 1911

Confederate Dead are Still Remembered at Arlington, Linda Wheeler, Washington Post, June 17, 2007


JULY 2019

Who is Mary Boykin Chesnut?

Mary Boykin Chesnut, A Confederate Woman’s Life, American Profiles, Mary A Decredico

The Private Mary Boykin Chesnut, A Biography, Woodward C Vann and Elisabeth Muhlenfeld,

A Diary from Dixie, Mary Boykin Chesnut, edited by Ben Ames Williams

Mary Chesnut’ Civil War, Edited by Vann Woodward



The Importance of Animals to Confederate and Union Soldiers 

Full Measure of Devotion, Animals of the Civil WarAlexandra E. Stern  

Civil War Animal Heroes Mascots, Pets and War Horses, Charles G. Waman

Horse and Mules in the Civil War, Gene C, Armistead

The Equine Legacy:  How Horses, Mules and Donkeys shaped America, C. S. Purdy


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cited are suggestions. Other sources may be used. Many sources are available.




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